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wordpress4Need to install and setup WordPress on your server? We can help you install CMS, install and setup theme of your choice. We will add all the plugins you need to get started. Our WordPress experts have more than 10 years experience working with WordPress and other systems.

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website transfer

Moving to a new host or changing domain name can be very challenging – without the right technical expertise you may suffer downtime, broken functionality and even loss of Google rankings. This is definitely something you should let an expert take care of for you.

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wordpress securityYour online business, whether it’s affiliate marketing, product sales or services provision needs to be protected from the malicious intentions of hackers. So many times in the recent past, entire online business establishments have irreversibly crumbled simply because a hacker inserted a few malicious lines of code into their WordPress Website.

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plugin installationNeed to install and setup additional plugins on your website? We are here to help you. We will help you installing plugins and widgets, we will setup plugins right so you would not have any problems with WP security or any other bugs. Need plugin modification? – Ask us if we can help you.

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wordpress seoWe can help you installing SEO plugins to your WordPress CMS. Our SEO experts will install plugins that are required to get your website on TOP of search engines. We will help you to speed up your website and give you some recommendations how to optimize your project for best seo results.

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wp customizationNeed to backup or update your WordPress website? You came to the right place. Our WordPress experts would be happy to help you. We will backup all the data (files, videos, posts and pages) and your MySQL database. We will store backup files on your hosting. If you don’t have enough space for placing backup on your hosting account, We will place backup on my own file hosting, and give you download link.

Starts at $99.99

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With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on WordPress CMS, Our Wordpress Experts will be best equipped to service your needs in as fast as only a few minutes. We handle each job with thorough attention to detail. All our services are flexible with special attention to the needs of each customer.

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Why Do I Need WordPress Protection?

Running a website is hard enough as it is. However, there are still people out there that are more than willing to make life more difficult for you by installing Trojans and back door programs on your website. If your site has ever been hacked, you will more than likely have cleaned up the site as best you could. Now, although you might believe that this is the end of it, it is highly likely that it isn’t and that there are still security threats on your website that were left there by the previous hackers.

What are back door programs?

Basically, when hackers manage to gain access to your website, it will be a time consuming process for them. Once they have access to the site, they will leave what are known as back door programs on your website server that are disguised as other programs or files. This means that to most people, they will not show up at all.
Back door programs are a huge problem however as they make it easy for your website to be hacked again and again. Back door programs will allow hackers access to your website straight away where they can then install programs and Trojans that will be harmful to your website.

How we get rid of backdoor

We are experts are finding back door programs on your website as we have seen it all before. We know all of the tricks that hackers pull in order to get these files on to your server so we know what to look for. We will explore your website and find these back door files. We will then remove them.

After this, we will give you any recommendations that we feel necessary for your server in order to make your website as secure as possible and prevent hackers from getting access to your website again.

Back door programs are an extremely serious problem for all webmasters and it is a problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

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