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Detect & Remove

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

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Fix & Backup

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

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Secure & Prevent

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

Hackers do not need passwords or even usernames to break into your system or network! That’s right; hackers can steal sensitive information, delete critical files and empty your accounts with just a URL. This threat is increasing every day that you do not take action against it. They may have already done it to you without your knowledge.


The importance of website security cannot be overemphasized. This is a fact that website owners and administrators should be familiar with, the effects of malware infection of a site can have disastrous aftermath for the owner as it will lead to problems from gross customer dissatisfaction to getting your site blacklisted by search engines. These reasons form the brunt of the numerous reasons for investing in a powerful website protection client.

Any website can be attacked by hackers regardless of size and traffic flow, our job is to keep your website secure and your contents safe. Our website antivirus does this by identifying weak spots and loop holes that a hacker can exploit and use for malicious purposes thereby infecting your visitors with viruses and spyware. Your website security is of extreme importance which is why our antivirus is programmed to help website owners eliminate backdoors and malware from their websites. Our service gets updated on a daily basis due to detailed analysis of infected files sent by customers to our engineers. Our product is unique because we receive thousands of infected files from people around the world and we add them to our database.

Website Malware Removal

Our website antivirus program has been optimized to do a daily website scan using its updated database to increase its search span, thereby enabling it to smartly recognize any kind of malware by an indepth analysis if its file code. Owners of websites that are potential clients would have to purchase a price plan/package, and based on your choice, they stand to either enjoy the service of auto-pilot which would monitor and protect your website every minute of the day and take charge of decisions that involve line of action towards discovered malware. This means that on autopilot mode, immediately a malware is detected, it is removed avoiding delay and keeping your website healthy at all times. On the occasion that a client hasn’t included the autopilot feature, a timely notification is sent to them to give permission for further action. Major Malware types that are eliminated by our program include; mySQL and JavaScript injections, PHP mailers, hidden iframes, Trojan horses, redirects, backdoors etc.

Website Vulnerability Removal

Clients are provided with an easy way to tackle vulnerability problems encountered. Depending on the kind of malware and gravity of the danger a malware portends, malware may be quarantined – placed in a safe spot to curtail its harmful action until the client can confirm its origin. The best part of this feature is the fact that you can choose to remove all detected vulnerabilities with just one click, this sole feature eliminates technicalities and ensures seamless flow in tackling malware problems.

Website Core Files Scan

Clients that subscribe to our PRO price package stand to enjoy the option to send their files to our engineers for deeper analysis instead of accepting diagnosis of serious problem files at face value. At this point, it is important to note that our team of engineers feature some of the best from different parts of the world therefore there isn’t any malicious code that proves to be impossible to our analysis.

Website Security Scanner With Heuristic Algorithm

Our website protection program does a deep scan of your files at all times. It also scans all files contained within our clients’ servers; this method ensures that all malware are found almost at the same time to avoid change in location of these harmful programs. It has alo been programmed with heuristic algorithms, these detect more virus than any other antivirus solution and always does it in record time. With these, all the files that are housed within websites are narrowed down and analyzed, optimizing results in the fight against malware.

What Do We Offer?

website antivirus

CMS Core Files Scanning and file change monitoring

SQL & XSS Injection Prevention

Code Auditing at a line by line level

Website Backup & Update

Blacklist Removal (Google, McAfee, Norton)

Security Plugins & Extensions Installation

Website Firewall & Antivirus

Get Protected Now

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Protecting the investment you have made in your business website has always been a challenge – to stay one step ahead of the those who would attack your site and gain from your hard earned efforts.


website protectionYour security may have already been compromised. If you have been hacked we can use forensic analysis and testing to locate the vulnerabilities in your system and determine what actions a hacker may have taken. Our advice and implementations can secure you from future breaches. We can instruct or train staff on security precautions to help provide a higher level of security.


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By securing your site from any ‘back door hacks’ you will protect your website from third parties secretly placing unwanted ads or malicious back-links on your web pages or sending out spam emails using your CPanel. Also, hackers can place malware which can infect not only your own business computers but just as importantly, their placement on your visitors computers.


security auditYou may not know if your system is secure. You may not know if it has been compromised. We can provide peace of mind with custom testing and security evaluation services. You may have web applications or source code that provide security holes or weak defenses, which hackers can exploit. We can provide code audit starting from basic overviews and tests to full line-by-line auditing.


security serviceWith years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on Website security, We will be best equipped to service your needs in as fast as only a few minutes. Our clients receive more than just formal standard test results. We provide services customized specifically for your needs and situation. Don’t wait until your website got hacked, try our services free.