Is Your Website Secure ?

Detect & Remove

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

Fix & Backup

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

Secure & Prevent

Many web sites still in their versions have evolved over the years.

How To Secure Your Website

Most times, website hacks are a product of exploitation of an insecure code within the multiple layers of codes that make up your website. Immediately a flaw is detected in your security set up, the attack vector destabilizes the normal functions of the website. To combat this, what you need is lightning quick reflexes and strong defenses. These will remove all the methods used in cracking your insecure code thereby rendering the attempts of hackers void, as attempts to hack your website will be met with a blocking page.

At any point in time, the invincibility of your website cannot be guaranteed. Without active layers of defense mechanism, your website will definitely suffer from some coding that has loopholes in it. From themes, plug-ins, apache, SSL and every other component of a website it would be practically untenable to respond to alerts and updates. Undetected loopholes in your website coding leave opportunities for hackers to infect your websites with malware and harmful programs, leaving your visitors dissatisfied and resulting in the loss of your reputation.

As a website owner, you have to be on the edge regarding the security of your websites. You must try to prevent attacks from happening so that your visitors enjoy smooth sailing in your territory. Therefore, you have to protect against these vulnerabilities.

Zero day attacks

Zero day refers to the particular moment when a critical security flaw is discovered for the first time. Immediately zero day becomes public news, cybercriminals frantically search the internet for potential victims. Releasing a product without sufficient defense structure can prove very devastating, because after zero day, it becomes too late to defend your product. Even if an update patch is released by the developers, it may take too long for the update to register thereby disrupting the usefulness of the website or app. Our website firewall offers 24 hour automatic website protection which activates an autopilot mode whenever your administrator is indisposed.

Outdated plug-ins, CMS and Themes

Your website is made up of different components, these can range from themes, plug-ins, core and custom files and that are housed in your server. Sometimes, a patch could be released and you find it impossible to update, or your update is taking too much time. In these situations, you literally become the proverbial ‘sitting duck’ and you risk being a target for cybercriminals. Also, developers can decide to abandon a project and stop updating security patches, leaving your website vulnerable for exploitation. You can make this less of a problem through website monitoring. This allows you access to third party defense mechanisms that protect your website while you update patches or switch administrators.

Other Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Cybercriminals look for loopholes in your code and quickly attack your website through this weakness. Due to technological advancement, they fervently try to exploit the fundamental codes that you can’t control. They search through the entire foundation your website relies on looking for a break in your stronghold. Server software like apache, php, Nginx, plesk, cpanel to name a few. All these get hacked too, unless your defenses react quickly to vulnerabilities, your website could be compromised and sensitive data can be stolen from your website and be used for malicious purposes.

Criminals will actively and persistently try to exploit your website in order to steal sensitive information. Your online business is very important therefore you can’t afford to get hacked. Getting hacked could lead to unnecessary halt of payment processes, getting blacklisted and losing loyal customers, no website can afford to deal with the stress of the aftermath of an intrusion. Therefore our malware prevention programs which are arguably the best are all you need for all round protection for your website regardless of type and niche.

Why Do I Need Website Protection?

Hackers can cause you to lose more than critical information and deposited funds (as if that was not painful enough). Damage suffered by your customers can lead to lawsuits against you, completing the destruction of any part of your business that the hackers left behind.

WebsiteHostingParadise can help you protect yourself in the three most critical ways: in the aftermath of an attack, determining your vulnerability to potential attacks and by detecting the sneak attack you did not know about.

This is very important because you want to make sure that nobody can surpass your website security and get the confidential information and statistics that will be of loss to you when known by others.

Website protection services today, are so popular and demanded that there are various names that promise to get you the best package for your website security while they often fail to completely give the needed website protection. WHP makes sure that you get the complete solution to all your website protection needs.

WHP will guide you to solutions that put you in a strong proactive and defensive position. We implement customized services that will enable you to eliminate critical baseline flaws in your security. We can suggest and supply the appropriate combination of tests and information for your circumstances.
Malware Removal

Malware and other viruses are the most common way of destroying your website security while we provide website protection through fast malware removal and getting help round the clock while we also keep websites clean regularly and prevent future attacks as well.

At WHP, we guarantee you of our result and that we can fix the bugs no wonder whatever hacker hacked your web besides the free professional consultation that we also give to our clients alongside too. Our security experts and engineers are always ready to help you with your needs.

Website Antivirus

This is an online tool that is provided by us to our esteemed clients as a perfect solution for their website needs. The online tool checks for the files, completes the antivirus solution needed for the website, updates the virus database regularly, provides strong as well as unique Heuristic algorithms for automatically detecting new unknown viruses, removes and analyzes code besides checking different features as well.