Cloud Hosting

Cloud has become not one of the best but actually the best solution for anyone working anywhere in the world. Hence we cater to all such needs so that greater performance capability is extended to our honored clients for reaching success. All oyr hosting accounts are highly secured with our professional software.

Secured VPS Hosting

While many people have their own virtual private server we also make sure at WHP that all services required for the protection of the same are also provided through the exactly needed service for maintaining it efficiently. So you dont have to worry about your website security if you host your website on our servers.

Secured Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server is another solution that we offer. All our servers are highly secured and protected from malware, DDOS and hackers attacks. When you buy order dedicated server from us, you get our antimalware software and website protection service. So you dont have to worry about your website security anymore.

Secured WordPress Hosting

WordPress has undoubtedly become the world’s favorite CMS and the easiest software for blogging or handling other information very easily for your own site through a very reasonable way. WordPress hosting is provided so that you can easily perform all your work without any hassle at all. You would not have to worry about your wordpress security anymore, we will take care of it.

We Work Hard To Make Our Customers Happy

The main reason for having a dedicated server is the additional space that is provided to the user, though this is not the only benefit to using this type of server. Other benefits include the ability to share the host with only specific companies (if you own the server, you can rent out space to those companies you approve.) Additionally, the dedicated server provides the business with the ability of having more customization options, especially in the hardware setup. Software choices are also options to consider: the owner of the dedicated hosting service can choose these, whereas working on a shared network requires you to share the same features, both hardware and software to some extent with those who are sharing the system with you.

Yet another reason why so many select a dedicated server is because of the stability that is obtained from them. These servers are able to provide you with stability because you are not dependent on the working ability of the server against other websites. For example, on a shared hosting plan, you will share the hosting server with various other companies. One company does heavy marketing which leads to an incredible amount of traffic getting to their website. This slows down your website since the server is struggling to keep up with their need. With a dedicated server, there is no sharing and therefore you have strong stability. This in and of itself is a key feature in protecting your business through security.

Also, when you have a shared server, you also run the risk not being able to have the features and software you need since the server does not provide you with this benefit. Rather, you do not have control over these decisions made within the server. This can cause slowdowns and even the website from coming down or not meeting your specific needs.

Dedicated Server & Website Security
When it comes to security on any website, beyond looking at your server, you must also consider having a security certificate for your business. The key here is to insure that your website is safe for your user. For example, if you are selling a product or requesting personal information from your clients, then you need to have a website that is secure, or they will not provide you with this information.

Secure websites protect their users from all sorts of problems. This often stars with protecting their clients from problems like identity theft and spyware. On unprotected websites, the information can be gathered using a third party tracker. Then, this information is reported back to the third party and they use it however they would like to. On the other hand, when you have a strong, secure website, clients are less likely to turn away from your services. By protecting them it helps to protect both your business and your client’s finances.

There are a variety of software programs that provide security for the website user. Your hosting plan may provide some of these options for you to consider. You may even get some security through the package you have purchased. If not, then you will want to find protection in another form. The good news is that there are a number of options to choose from including the names you likely trust yourself.

Website security should be the website owner’s top priority. Individuals coming to the website expect that it will load quickly, move from page to page quickly and will respond to their actions. They also expect to be able to enter their contact information, their address and even their credit card number without having to worry about someone stealing this information from them. Therefore, as a website owner, it is always necessary to consider web security for your website. Explore the options you have and choose the most appropriate choice for your particular style of website, needs and for your budget. Without this type of protection, you may find yourself without the type of protection your visitors demand.