Website Malware Removal: We explain the problem and the solution

Few people are aware of the necessity to have website malware check. Malware is not a matter of personal computers anymore. Websites are attacked by hackers to infect the visitor’s computers. 73% of the cybernetic attacks last year came from a website. If your site gets attacked, then you will need not just website malware removal, but also to correct your code to eliminate the vulnerability that the hacker used to get in.

The consequences of having an infected website, besides the loss of confidence associated with your visitors getting infected are many and can be catastrophic for your business. Google can block your site, for example, and you will not be ranked in search engines anymore. That is the same than placing a canvas in front of your traditional store. Nobody will see it.

If your website offers the possibility of online shopping, then when it gets infected by malware, your client’s information can be compromised. That can have serious consequences. Not only might you not get the conversion of an already finished sale. You can also have legal problems, and troubles with your banking system, not to mention the potential difficulties to your clients.

Fortunately, there is a solution for website malware check and removal. Let’s take a closer look at the services offered by Website Hosting Paradise to address these issues.

Malware Removal If Your Website Got Hacked

If you’ve been infected, Website Hosting Paradise can remove the malware within 24 hours. Cleaning a website should not be left to newbies. Professional and experienced engineers need to look for the pieces of code causing the problem and extirpate it without affecting your site’s functions. All files are analyzed by specialized malware detection & removal tools, developed in-house by security experts only.

Some of the menaces consistently eradicated by Website Hosting Paradise’s engineers include Trojan horses, adware, backdoors, fraud tools, rootkits, worms, and spyware. Their specialized tools and wide makes a difference for malware removal. Let’s take a look at the details of how they are working.

Website Unblocked

Google knows if your site has malware on it. To prevent the user of getting infected and further spreads, the automatic robots of search engines just de-index the identified web page until it no longer has malware on it. Website malware removal becomes critical in these cases. But you won’t want to get back online only. It is desired to keep your rank and record.

Website Hosting Paradise has developed a tool to monitor the search engine blacklist. There are some unique features on this tool to avoid and alert about losing rank on search engines. The whole objective is to minimize collateral damage from the malware attack.

Vulnerability Eradication

The next step after we cleand your website is to secure the vulnerabilities that lead to the infection in the first place. Otherwise, your website will be re-infected as soon as hackers notice they are not getting results anymore.

Website Hosting Paradise’s engineers are experts on screening code to find the backdoors hackers used and even those that have not been opened. It is also common that an infected site gets re-infected through a security hole opened by the malware itself. Website Hosting Paradise eradicates all these problems.

After we removed malware, cleaned all website files and did vulnerability eradication, a 14-day period of screening starts. Website Hosting Paradise makes sure malware doesn’t return by doing a close website malware check during two weeks. It is like antibiotics for flu. You take the first pills and feel better, but you need to complete the treatment to eradicate the problem for real. By doing it this way, there is really effective malware extermination.

Continuous Website Malware Check

The next step after website malware removal is to keep your site continuously monitored. Website Hosting Paradise constantly checks antivirus results, security monitoring scripts, and other logs. There are different levels of specialized subscriptions to security plans according to your specific needs.

The price of website malware removal is much higher than prevention having a constant website malware check service. Not to mention the worse consequences, this can affect your clients, reputation, and sells.

The Importance of Time

Time is critical for website services. If you get attacked by malware, it will be quickly identified by search engines. The last to know is usually the site’s owner.

Continuously monitoring a web page performance is important to detect a malware attack. When there are unusual holes on activity, then one should be suspicious of the existence of a malware program. Website malware removal is the corrective service to fix the problem. But even if the removal is done efficiently in less than 24 hours, valuable time will be lost and cannot be recovered.

As you check the performance of your web page, you should get a service for website malware check. This preventive measure will save you time and money.