Why the Security of WordPress Blog is Important?

WordPress is one of the most common and famous content management system (CMS) it is easy to use and it has so many features and advantages over traditional websites, wordpress is famous because it is open source and there are hundreds of thousands tutorials and theme are available on the Internet and everyone can easily access into a wordpress software and everyone can easily install and rub their blog based on wordpress software. Since wordpress is the common platform for blogging and there are so many bloggers are using wordpress that is why security risk is very high.

The source code of wordpress is available in public so hackers usually can find the vulnerabilities on a wordpress software and can hack into a wordpress blog easily, so it is a web administrator responsibility to secure their blog. There are several ways that an attacker might use to attack on a wordpress blog and there are several ways to secure a wordpress blog, but in this article we will discuss why the security is very important for the blog and what are the security risk.

Level of Trust

secured hostingYour visitor and the user of your website trust in your blog and they usually find several interesting stuffs on your blog but what if an attacker break the trust level of the user’s to your blog, for example people used to purchase things from amazon because they trust on the website but when a website spread the malware and worm and make fools to the innocent user then nobody will trust on the website.

So the trust level is very important, if your blog will get black listed after a hacking attack then it is very difficult to get the trust again. The term level of trust or the reputation is very important. If you own web business you need a website protection to keep your customers safe.

Loss of Hard work

You have created your blog by doing a hard work from installation to the content writing and management, so it is very difficult to handle loss that occurs after a hacking attack. An attacker might destroy your blog in a minute that you have created in a months. So it is the big loss and it is very pain full, the recommendation is to always use the security check list for your wordpress blog to avoid the big losses.

Money or Rewards

Loss is loss and all of the loss is very pain full, if your blog surf ads from the several advertisers like Adsense, private ad unit (buy&sell ads) or any other way to monetize your blog then it is a big loss that occurs after a hacking attack, hackers may use their monetize technique for their own benefit and they can make your blog black listed in the eyes of advertisers (adsense).


If your blog will comprise then an attacker might use it for their bed purposes like to spam and to sell some illegal products that turns your loyal visitors to purchase it, in this type of attack loss is very big because your visitor will no longer trust on your wordpress blog and the search engine will also not trust on your blog.

There are more security and the loss of being hacked but the main aim of this article is to create awareness about the security of your wordpress blog, why to secure a blog or why there is a need to secure a wordpress blog? These are the common question and I have given answer of these questions above. So it is very clear the reasons to secure a wordpress blog.