Why Home Computer Security Uses Cloud Computing Technology

The use of cloud computing is a hot topic. The service is new and is fast catching up. It’s equally popular among individuals, small business enterprises and big corporations. It is also the first choice of people who put their home security first.

secured server

People have confidential and important data on their computers, which they cannot afford losing. The loss of any data or it reaching unsecured hands can cause much damage to the environment. There is always the fear of an antivirus or a malware ruining all your data. Above it, hackers and spyware are also there that can destroy the confidentially of the documents.

To fight such problems, people are fast turning towards cloud computing. Cloud computing is a noble concept that takes your desktop on the cloud and makes it available easily on the web. Using this tool, you can access your desktop, which includes your data, folders, icons and other settings, anywhere on the go. The service is being offered in almost all the countries now by various desktop virtualization companies.

The biggest advantage of turning toward cloud computing is the fact that it keeps your information secure and you also don’t run the risk of losing your data. All your information is saved on the server’s host, which you can access at all times using a compatible device and the internet. The servers are equipped with latest software and protective technologies to keep all your information secure.

The access is restricted to you, and the people you give it to, and no other person can intrude into your private space.

Cloud computing offers multifactor authentication that is more secure than the usually used login system (username and password). It uses more security and does not give access to anybody. Even if your username is spread out, the person cannot access the information as it requires more token to pass through.

The secured servers are also equipped with great tools to keep your data secure. It keeps updating the antivirus and installing all the available and useful security patches to ensure the safety of your documents. Not all companies offer these great advantages. You should pay attention to all the details when choosing a cloud computing company.

Not only is your information secure on the web, it is also physically secure.

Anyone can visit your home and enter into your data on your home computer. It is quite easy to break the system and remove passwords to access information. Whereas, when you have your data secured on a cloud desktop it is also physically safe. Only certified people can access your information and it is always under strict surveillance to ensure the safety and security of your data.

One more problem that people face is with the browsing history and other cache related issues. Every website has its own privacy policy and it saves some of your information when you log into the website. A lot of companies are concerned about Google’s changed policy. Cloud computing is a way to overcome this problem too. When you log in to your desktop using cloud computing, the changes you make will be saved only on the company’s server and not anywhere else. This means, no one but you and your authorized members will be able to access the information.

One more problem with the home computer system is the fact that anybody can use it and make changes. You save a file and your friend logs into your computer and makes changes. This can cause a lot of damage. By going on cloud desktop, this problem is resolved to a great extent. You can restrict access to the people who can make any changes to the documents. You can limit the power that others, who access your desktop, have.

If you want your subordinates or friends to see the documents, but are not able to make any changes, you can do that too. This feature is of great help for everyone and is one of the major reasons for people turning towards cloud hosting