Tools for Website Security Check

Any website check expert knows that the best way for you to do a website security check is for you to use several tools as much as you can so that you can extensively test it for any possible vulnerability. Different scanners will give different results and so you need a lot of tools to make these results overlap and give you better protection for your websites. Here are some tools that you can use when you conduct website security testing.

WebScarab is a good security check tool that was created by Open Web Application Security Project. It functions as a proxy that can evaluate browser requests and replies from the server.

It can also conduct packet analysis, and can also be utilized to fuzz websites and look for possible problems on your website. Before you can use WebScarab, you need to create the settings on your web browser properly. Remember to change the proxy settings to 8008 so that this website security testing tool can work.

Paros Proxy

website protectionParos Proxy is another website security testing tool that works very much like WebScarab. It acquires information from the exchange between the browser and the server and analyzes them for any possible problems. Paros Proxy can also be utilized for any scanning procedure to identify vulnerabilities on the website that you are trying to test. Again, before you use Paros Proxy, always change the port number to 8080.

Do not forget to always test for false positives. When your website security test tools have identified areas in your website that have problems, you should go back to each one of them and test them out individually. This way, you can really double check if there is an existing problem.

Insert an SQL code or a script into the website so that you can monitor the response. Once you see any reaction, go to the website and then plug any exploits. This is otherwise known as vulnerability validation. It is another way for any web security expert to really validate if there is an existing problem that needs to be fixed.

Always keep in mind that you should do website security check periodically. There is a plenty of solutions, like website firewall, website antivirus and website scanner. You have to be aware that the internet is evolving every minute and there are vulnerabilities that are created every minute. Arm yourself properly by having tools ready and the skills so that you can catch any problems in its early stages and solve them as soon as you can.