Things to Consider Before Conducting a Website Security Check

Just like any project that anyone thinks of doing, website security testing can also be done efficiently if there is careful planning prior to execution. The more time that you spend in trying to outline the needs and requirements of a website security check, then the less stress and pressure you will feel when you conduct the test itself. Here are some things that you need to think about prior to executing your web security tests.

Ask yourself what your goal really is when you do a website security check. Your ultimate goal may be just seeing that you have the necessary walls to protect you. However, some people who are deep into the workings of the internet may want to have more protection to ensure security of the data that they have. Consider identifying your biggest goal.

Determine the websites and applications that need to be tested. Website security testing may be done simultaneously or one by one. In order to identify the time period you need to allot for this and the tools that you need to use, it is important for you to note how many unique intranet and internet based checks you need to do.

So What’s Next?

detect virusIdentify the platforms that all those websites and applications are based on. Some of the tools for website security check only work on certain platforms. Some of them work on just one while others are compatible to all types of platforms. This is an important aspect to think about because it will help you pick out the best website security testing tools and methods that are perfect for your system.

Decide if you are just going to run a quick scan, either unauthenticated or authenticated, or if you are going to go deeper and conduct a much deeper analysis of your system. Some web experts do a quick scan every so often but may also conduct manual comprehensive analysis on a periodic basis to make sure that everything is in good shape.

Identify the tools that you will need for your short scan or full security test. Always remember to test all of your web services at each time so that nothing will be left unchecked at any point in time. It is better to be safe than find out that you have a big problem that will take a lot of time and effort to solve.