Social Engineering: How They Do it?

First off, I do not encourage the tactics I talk about to be used for malicious acts. A common way they convince someone to divulge information is by acting as a friend or pretending they don’t want the information you have.

Now just because someone says this doesn’t always mean they are engineering you, but it is a common way of engineering. Also, just because someone is your friend on the internet doesn’t mean they are “out to get you,” so basically, don’t be paranoid just be careful. Another technique is to befriend them and convince them you mean no harm, and eventually they will most likely tell you depending on what you are trying to receive.

Why Would Someone Do This?

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to engineer you, whether for monetary gains or for some other reason. If you are the owner of a website, server, business etc. always be careful when handing permissions or anything else someone might want to take and use to make your business their own. Many examples come from Minecraft Servers where an “Admin” or “Co-Owner” receives the FTP panel and removes the owner taking over the server. So always be weary and make sure you can trust the people you give permissions too as they may not be who you think they are, no matter how long you’ve known them.

Common Places For Social Engineering

A LOT of engineering happens over Skype, as it’s what many people use to talk over the internet and it’s actually quite easy to engineer people over this application instead of just plain chatting, but if you are engineering I wouldn’t recommend sharing personal details or using video chat. Also keep most talking out of chat and in Voice Calls, as not many people have the means to record audio but everyone can take screenshots of chat logs.