Magento Layered Navigation: Saving Store From Being Left

Even shopping not in a virtual reality, visiting not online but usual stores customers need to be navigated. And in general, the products may not be so various and original but if these products are placed to the right place and in the right order, they will catch a look of even the most demanded customer.  It was checked million times. And this note concerns online store even mostly. The complicated navigation is a thing that may boot any customer out.

Magento Layered Navigation by Aheadworks is developed and released to prevent a store from being left by the customers. Which ways does it use?


All of us want everything happens fast, without delay. And Aheadworks has developed the extension that keeps the time of the customers allowing them to choose multiple attributes simultaneously. The customers may choose different colors, sizes, capacities and etc. and not one by one but simultaneously. This functionality saves time considerably. And all of us know that time is the most valuable thing that we have.

There are some more features making shopping pleasant. Here you may find new categories like ‘New arrivals’, ‘Discounted products’ and etc. Moreover, long multi attribute filters list is wrapped and it shows just a limited number of attributes. After all necessary filters are applied, empty categories are hidden. And again it is made for the customers’ convenience. Thanks to less functionality that this extension uses there are additional customization opportunities and in general, the whole process is simplified.

The greatest thing here is the absence of page reloads necessity. This process is practically invisible for customers. By the way, the module is able to further reduce the number of AJAX reloads to only one single code execution.

What other attractive things can we find? While keeping in mind customers’ browsing habits and their constantly appearing wish to roll back the latest filters by one click, the developers have saved so-called ‘Back Button’. The people never know what they finally want so this opportunity could not have come at a better time. It’s never late to turn back.  

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 suggests trying by brand shopping. To make it possible the product pages contain a brand description and logo. Moreover, brands may be found as additional filtering options. It’s convenient and it is also implemented to save customers’ time.

All these enumerated features turn this extension into the thing you should pay attention and try to gain your own experience.