Improve Search Engine Ranking Through Website Security Check

Search engine ranking is one thing that many website owners are trying to work on for a long time now. Once you are on top of search engine results, you will be able to have a lot of web traffic that can translate to more revenue and a wider audience for your website.

However, one thing that website owners forget is to do a website security check so that they can make sure that their website is not marked by search engines as unsafe. An unsafe website will not be very appealing to any web visitors, thus decreasing traffic.

You need to be aware of the negative aspects in the web that will greatly affect your search engine ranking. A real search engine killer is a great amount of malware. If you have lots of this in your website, you can expect your website to be gone in a matter of days. Be wary of link stealers, content stealers and redirection of traffic. You will lose the traffic on the web that is rightfully yours, thus losing your place in search engine result rankings.

When you have identified the existence of these negative signals that your website might have, it is time to move and eliminate them by doing website security testing so that you can again go back on top of the search results.

First, find a website security check tool that does vulnerability testing so that you can identify malware in your website. You have to do this as soon as you can so that you can find them before search engines can.

If the search engines find the malware before the web masters can, the website can suffer in a matter of days or even hours! Next step is to analyze the vulnerability test results and see the pages that it is rendering and then determine the URL based session ID authentication so that you can prevent any redirection of traffic, link stealing and content stealing.

Do not compromise your website’s reputation and the hard work that you have put into the creation of your website. Do a website security check as often as you can so that you can ensure that your website maintains its search engine result ranking. Prevention is better than cure so be vigilant and be wary of any possible black hat operations that may happen to your website.