Canadian company Nortel has fallen because ignored hacker attack

Canadian company Nortel has fallen, because ignored hacker attacks. Chinese hackers broke into the site from at least 10 years. Burglars had stolen from the Internet servers such as business plan, private messages and information for research and development. They had slogans belonging to members of the leadership of the company. Last week the U.S. “Wall Street Journal” wrote that Nortel was the recipient of hacker attacks for at least ten years.

hackers attackNortel conducted an internal investigation on this issue since 2004, but did not stop the company from bankruptcy, because the government has ignored, lasting from a few years, attacks. As reported, “Wall Street Journal”, Nortel did not produce any information about possible violations of intellectual property rights by hackers buyers and potential buyers of their technology and patents. These assets have been a sold off. Three years ago, due to their financial troubles, Nortel received court protection from creditors. It will take until April. The company also announced its intention to cease operations and turn off assets.
Nortel headquarters, have been a located in Mississauga, at Toronto. The company manufactures equipment for telecommunications companies. It operated throughout the world.

Chinese Hackers Domain

“Industrial espionage is a growing problem for North American companies, and most attacks come from China” – stressed the CBC television. Google has already attacked the Chinese, U.S. companies wishing to encourage Chinese companies from the petroleum sector. In December 2011, the American analysts in Washington pointed to the 12 Chinese hacking groups, which were in varying degrees supported by the government in Beijing. China denied the allegations then.

Evidence of Internet crimes

As reported in the Associated Press, although the U.S. government official shall in no way connected with trade espionage, the Chinese government, but Washington is enough evidence to use computers in China, government or military. Three years ago, Canadian experts have discovered a group of Chinese hackers who are hacking into government and personal computers in 103 countries, including in Germany, Portugal and Latvia. This is why protection your website from malware as important as protecting your wallet from thieves.

Increasing competition

The hacker group, starting to get, in the search for information. Cyber criminals in Eastern Europe and Russia, mainly specialize in stealing credit card numbers. American intelligence also pointed to the theft of sensitive technical information from the U.S. by the Russians.

The development of relations

The article “Wall Street Journal” have been of published, just days after the visit of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in China. Harper’s government is trying to improve Canada’s economic relations with China, including in the sale of Canadian crude oil to China. This strategy, which now took on an understanding of the recent decisions of the U.S. administration, which postponed the right to make an oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S..