Advantages Choosing Virtual Private Server & Dedicated Web Hosting

Virtual private servers are low cost yet effective web hosting solution for most of the business as well as personal websites these days. If your website is experiencing increasing traffic pool and you want to migrate for something better than shared hosting than VPS is right choice for you. It cost little more than what actually you are paying for your shared server and gives you quality of service similar to the dedicated servers. In reality virtual servers are created from the single dedicated servers where each of the website owners is assigned with dedicated and isolated portion of RAM, CPU usage, storage and bandwidth. Each virtual server is totally free from the files and process of the other servers on the same machine. Thus you can collect, store and process your valuable and confidential data on your server. However choosing a virtual private server is not as easy as it looks and requires picking carefully your hardware requirements as well as bandwidth according to your traffic. A wrong selection may cost your extra amount or ineffective resources to cater all your customers. Below mentioned are some of the points that need to be taken care while choosing a VPS for your website.

What criterias You Should look At

serverReliability & Uptime Guarantee: This is one of the most important criteria to look after while choosing a VPS hosting provider. You should be looking to get 99.9% uptime for your website to run smoothly and constantly to cater your customer. This is even more important if you are opting for Windows VPS where the chance of downtime is more compare to the Linux VPS. Check whether your host is offering round the clock customer service that you can rely on for any of your server patches.

Security: Another important aspect to look after while choosing a hosting company. Technically VPS is a single server divided into multiple isolated servers where each of them works independently from all other servers on the same machine. Make sure with your host to get the complete isolation and make sure no other server on the same machine can access the sensitive data stored on your server. It is good idea to go with the server provider that provides additional security against the hackers and keep your website safe from the viruses and malware.

Customization: It refers to the ability of the customization for your server to choose the hardware configurations like CPU usage, storage, RAM and bandwidth the way you want. It also offers the freedom to choose the operating system according to your choice and requirement of your software installed. Try to get up with the hosting company that does not deal only with the fixed plans and open to bespoke requirement so to give your website a room to grow in future.

Price: Price is the important factor why people opt for the dedicated virtual server. However make sure that you have been charged correctly for the hosting facility. Do not compromise the performance for the sake of cost only. Search over the Internet to get the best priced package that matches your bespoke requirements.

The Cloud VPS option: Not all VPS hosting are made with the cloud computing. Take an account of cloud hosting to boost the simplicity of your VPS hosting with better accessible through cloud computing or multiple servers. It gives you more power to work with your disposable and temporary data not to store on your main servers and gives you faster and efficient load time. It also gives you better security for your sensitive data.