High Level Security

Security for your website just got easier with our ‘traffic light’ warning system, which clearly shows you which areas of your website are secure, which are in need of attention, and which areas are critical to the security of your website. Protecting the investment you have made in your business website has always been a challenge – to stay one step ahead of the those who would attack your site and gain from your hard earned efforts.

Utilising existing security plugins can be daunting when you lack web development or programming skills. They’re simply too difficult to implement, you upload them on to your website, can’t follow the technical code and either leave your website unsecured or hope that the hackers will pass you by! Our Website Antivirus was designed for the non-web developer so, you won’t need any technical abilities in fixing all the security issues found. Just follow the instructions within the plugin, sit back and let the plugin do the hard work for you.

Website Antivirus With Auto Fix-It-For-Me

The Website Antivirus has over 300 000 known vulnerabilities, most of which are automatically fixed with the ‘fix it for me’ buttons. Scan your website for viruses, malware and much more. Identifies and removes problematic core files, protects against brute force attacks and secures your Website against all know security issues.

Our Antivirus also provides full descriptions and instructions on how to secure the remaining security vulnerabilities which must be done manually. It’s important to note that your website would not function correctly if these amendments were done automatically. This is due to the many different configurations of individual websites and or their hosting arrangements. So different websites will show a variety of security issues which need to be solved. As no two websites are built the same, the security vulnerabilities will also be different. If you can copy and paste, following the detailed instructions provided within the plugin will be a very simple task to do.


Websites need antivirus software just like your personal computer. It is common to get lost with all the options available on the market. One of the strongest competitors is WebsiteHostingParadise (WHP). We have arranged a comprehensive analysis of the Website Antivirus solution from According to our research, it proved to be one of the best options available on the market. Here we explain why.


Some solutions are bonded to a particular Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a framework used to create and administer online content. The most common CMSs are Joomla and WordPress, but there are many other solutions. WHP supports all CMS platforms and Windows or Linux and Unix based web servers.

If you have a hybrid solution or if you need to protect more than one site under different platforms, then a unique solution to address all your sites is better.

The Scanning Process

Virus and malware are designed to hide within your website. To avoid missing a potentially malicious file, WebsiteHostingParadise checks every single file on your server. Some of the most common menaces found by the antivirus are Trojan Horses, PHP Mailers, backdoor injections, pharmaceutical hacks, defacements, drive-by download injections, and phishing.

Like the traditional antivirus software, a daily updated database is used to find malicious files on your server. A regular scan is performed, and that will prevent you from acquiring new menaces. But this is just what any other Website Antivirus would do.

The real value comes from the unique heuristic algorithms designed to find unknown security viruses. Code insertions are detected faster thanks to this technology. This algorithm has been proven long enough to let me say that it exposes more menaces than other solutions. Since each and every file is analyzed, then the malicious code can be easily found.

The second best solution on our analysis had no heuristic algorithm to check on your website. The unique algorithm is the reason why customers chose WHP Antivirus as the best Website Antivirus Solution available today.

How is the Antivirus Database Updated?

Once a new threat is found, it is immediately sent and analyzed by the technical team in WebsiteHostingParadise to keep updating the antivirus database. Again, the unique heuristic algorithm helps to identify new threats which arise every day. Most times, WHP is the first antivirus to determine a new treat and deliver a solution.

Other sources also help to update their database and this way your site is better guarded

Malware Removal

If your website was unprotected, or if despite the protection and preventive measures it has been compromised, then the malware removal tool will become your best ally. It is the asset you want to have and never use. An easy to use user interface lets you eliminate your virus easily.

If you are not sure on what step you should take, there is an online service working 24/7 for your convenience. Not all vendors can get you online with a security expert to help you fix your problem. While you decide what to do with the detected menace, the quarantine option will allow you to safety continue running operations.

With WebsiteHostingParadise you also get backup if you have a sophisticated menace. Usually, when you get your core files or database corrupted, the removal process is not that simple. Those cases are rare, but when they happen, you have a team of security specialists to get you back online in no time.


On WHP there is an option to work on prevention. It is only available if you get the PRO version, but it can be a lifesaver. The value of having additional service consists of getting professional assistance to analyze and update your website. You transfer the responsibility of analyzing and continuously updating all extensions and scripts installed on your web page. This was also a unique service from us.

The preventive measure addresses all known vulnerabilities. Typically when a new vulnerability comes to light, especially if it is in the security area, it leads to an update. When the update is released, it comes with plenty information about the vulnerability. That lets hackers exploit known vulnerabilities easier than when they remain unknown.

A website administrator usually focuses on content updates, but not much on security issues. As soon as your site is up and running, security maintenance is not common. That leads to infections through the exploit of known vulnerabilities. The solution is simple, but since there is no accountability on somebody to do it in your organization, then it is overlooked.

A security specialist is widely informed about new threats in the Internet world. They are the first to know when there is a release with a major vulnerability issue fixed. When you use the services from us you have not just one, but a team of security specialists at your service. We work 24 hours a day to assure our clients have the least security risks possible. By doing it, infections are kept to a minimum, avoiding the many unwanted issues.

Daily Reports

The report is distributed into two sections, to let you understand how the menace was found. The first section is the traditional antivirus scanner report. When something is discovered in this section, it is a confirmed threat. You will get a list of infected files, plus the name of the malware that infected them. Additionally, there is an explanation on how this particular malware will affect your website. It is not too techy, and there are no mysterious codes on it like in other software.

The second section contains the heuristic logic report. When you find potential threats on this list, pay close attention. Your site administrator should look closely at this list since it may contain plugins or other files that belong to the website. If you identify a file that doesn’t belong to the original code of your site, then block it immediately and send it to the security experts of WHP. When it is part of the code, but it wasn’t found in previous scans, then ask for help. Your code might have been compromised, and a hacker could’ve modified it to work for his benefit.

The main Website CMS security issues or problems arise when basic security precautions are ignored. With the growing trend in online sales and web searches for information it’s no surprise that the number of websites has also risen. As WordPress or Joomla are open source, many non-web developers are building their own business website with astounding results. Creating professional looking websites that can easily attract customers and sales alike, but it’s also no surprise that infected websites are also on the rise!

Website Hacking is Big Business, it’s Profitable, it’s Automated & it’s Growing Fast!

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your car parked over night unlocked or leaving your house with the doors and windows open? No, but that’s what many businesses do when they fail to secure their business website without even basic security measures. Failure to update themes and plugins etc. can leave your website vulnerable to attack. Failure to secure your login area can give hackers an easy time of getting into your core files and placing their malware for their own gain. By ignoring security and hoping that the hackers will just pass you by is a very dangerous strategy – just ask anyone who has been hacked.